Defending Clients Charged With Sex Offenses in Ohio

Being labeled as a sex offender is a stigma that almost no one can recover from. If you are being questioned regarding an alleged sex offense, believe you may be under investigation for a sex crime or have been charged with sexual assault or other sex offense - exercise your right to say nothing and contact an experienced lawyer immediately.


At the Mesaros Law Office, we understand the importance of swift action, confidentiality and thorough case preparation in cases involving alleged sex offenses. When hired to defend a client charged with possession of child pornography, date rape or other sex crime, we go to work immediately protecting their rights and preparing their defense strategy. Contact our law firm for a confidential consultation with a Dayton, Ohio, sex crimes defense attorney.


Our Dayton and Miami Valley area law firm defends clients who have been caught in Internet stings or are facing sex offense charges for other sex crimes, such as:

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography (including improper texting / sexting) Internet solicitation of a minor
  • Improper conduct with a child
  • Child molestation
  • Sexual assault/rape, including date rape and statutory rape
  • Other sex offenses


Minor Solicitation, Pornography and Sexting

Due to the technological advancement of the nature of sex crimes over the years, prosecutors can have extensive evidence at their disposal once a computer, cell phone record or other electronic record is seized. It is important to work with a criminal defense lawyer who understands this technology and who understands the methods of suppressing such evidence from the court record.


As experienced sex crimes defense lawyers, we understand that the evidence extracted can change an individual's life forever - even if the individual was unaware of such evidence. We work with forensic experts, engineers and other experts to analyze the evidence, evaluate defense solutions and work diligently to keep a client off the sex offender registry.


Many people are unaware that even certain low-level sex offenses can result in a 10-year sex offender registration requirement. When the stakes are high, it's important to have an experienced and determined criminal defense lawyer in your arsenal


How Can a Skilled Attorney Help?

At the Mesaros Law Office, we represent clients in all aspects of sex related charges. As skilled negotiators, our attorneys strive to develop creative and cost-effective out-of-court resolutions wherever possible. However, we are also well-equipped to protect our clients' rights in contentious litigation if needed. Our goal is to partner with clients, providing the knowledge and legal analysis you need to make informed decisions.


If you are charged with a sex crime in the Dayton area, Mesaros Law office is here for you. The attorneys at our law firm are compassionate and understanding while simultaneously unrelenting and effective. Our law office provides the highest representation for college students from the University of Dayton, Sinclair and Wright State University as well as for military personnel and their families stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.



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