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In Ohio, just being charged with driving under the influence, means a mandatory suspension of driving privileges and the possibility of many other penalties. These can include fines, and in some cases prison time. At the Mesaros Law Office, our attorneys put more than three decades of combined experience in the criminal justice system to work for you.


Ohio Drunk Driving Law

Ohio's terms for driving under the influence charges have changed several times. This charge has been called "OMVI," for "Operating a Motor Vehicle under the Influence, "DUI," or "Driving Under the Influence," and is now referred to as "OVI". Other states have used the term "DWI" (Driving While Intoxicated).


Ohio's penalty scheme for these offenses is known as a graded system, in which prior record and breath test readings influence the penalties. Under this system the penalties range from a minimum mandatory 3 day jail sentence to a mandatory prison sentence.


In addition, anyone arrested on a drunk-driving charge suffers a mandatory license suspension. There is a 15-day period in which you are not allowed any driving privileges. After that period, a judge can grant driving privileges during the period in which your case is pending


To regain driving privileges and to avoid jail time, you need an experienced DUI lawyer to advocate for your interests. Our legal team works hard to get each client the best results possible


How Can a Skilled Attorney Help?

At the Mesaros Law Office, we represent clients in all aspects of alcohol related charges. As skilled negotiators, our attorneys strive to develop creative and cost-effective out-of-court resolutions wherever possible. However, we are also well-equipped to protect our clients' rights in contentious litigation if needed. Our goal is to partner with clients, providing the knowledge and legal analysis you need to make informed decisions.


If you are charged with OVI / DUI / OMVI  in the Dayton area, Mesaros Law office is here for you. The attorneys at our law firm are compassionate and understanding while simultaneously unrelenting and effective. Our law office provides the highest representation for college students from the University of Dayton, Sinclair and Wright State University as well as for military personnel and their families stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.




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